No Glass Ceiling

Shirley-Ann & Alison met at rehearsals for a cancer fundraiser in 2018 & within a few short weeks they were meeting regularly to play uke together. In the beginning Alison, a classically trained violinist and Celtic piper had no idea how to play a ukulele but very quickly found a new outlet for music & fun.


Shirley-Ann: "I hesitantly said  to Alison hey I've got this uke thing on will you come and play with me? I was shocked when Alison said yes not because she agreed but because she said it with such enthusiasm and commitment it lifted my spirits to another level. That was super positive for me.”

Alison: "I think we met at the perfect time. I had made some lifestyle changes so that I could really start enjoying my life and family. I have a bucket list and I'm always looking to cross things off it. Playing ukulele with Shirley-Ann meant that I could cross off about six things like; learn to play a new instrument, have music pay for my fun, sing more upfront, sing harmonies with someone, travel with music and most important for me have fun playing music".


Easy Natural Harmony.

The Jazzuleles perform ukulele cover songs as well as original music. They have a diverse portfolio of work but they love to sing music you can chill over a cocktail with. Cafe Chill to be specific. That's  music infused with the sounds of lapping waves tinkling ice cubes and has the warmth of the setting sun on the horizon.

Shirley-Ann: "I have no  formal music training but I have other complimentary skills to Alison's. Our values and temperaments are also well matched so we agree on almost everything and even on the rare occasion when we don't , we just find a solution or forget it! I play by ear and have great rhythm so I write all our ukulele songs. I know what  our strengths are and what we like so I use that as a foundation.

Alison: The resonance of my instrument up and down the fret board, the tempo and rhythm is what I look for in music. Shirley-Ann  writes fantastic songs. Our usual process is that she'll write them and send them to me. Then I listen and think about it. After a day or two I start listening to what is turning over in the back of my mind and then I start notation or tablature. I don't know uke chords, I just use what sounds good. Collaborating to create music is satisfying and great fun!

The BIG Ukulele Dream.

Shirley-Ann: We know who we are and what we want. That is; to share our music, to make people feel good &  to enjoy the journey along the way. Our big dream is to be invited to play ukuele  internationally during the european music festival season of 2023. It rolls off the tongue pretty easily in 2020 but  we know it's a lot of hard work to get there. 

Alison: I love travelling and I'm looking forward to it again once covid is over. If I can have adventure and play music in exotic places  at the same time it sounds like a match made in heaven. We have  a lot of hard work ahead of us but we're up for it. I'm excited to keep creating & sharing our brand of ukulele songs because there is no glass ceiling over us we will keep on growing.

The Jazzuleles are a ukulele duo that is available for hire.

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