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The Js *Heart* Nurses

By Shirley-Ann Rowley

I'm a chronic time waster & sometimes procrastinator. This gives rise to internal conflict because my Obsessive Compulsive Disquiet starts ragging off at my inner muse. She's the one whose to blame for my creative choices taking artistic licence where there is clearly no room to do so. Let me see if I can describe her to you.

Firstly her name. It's something romantic, chaotic, colourful and exotic. So that would be Whaea ! I'll keep thinking about this profile in the days ahead but for now I'm content to share episode four of the Nursing Australia podcast. Today The Js are featured playing Chasing Tails . The title clearly alludes to the general sentiment of clinical nurses on the floor. Chasing Tails ... and wiping them .... injecting them ... packing them ..... admiring them? Haha, that is not allowed.

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