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The Js *Heart* Nurses

By Shirley-Ann Rowley

I am going to miss this podcast. It's been totally inspiring. So much so I found myself putting up my hand to apply for a job. What the? I've been off work since January 24th 2017 due to cancer (Bowel with Liver Mets). The treatment was extensive and took a toll on my physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. I made it through with the help of God, Family, Friends & Ukulele Music. So it is with much delight I introduce to you the final song from our album Aspire to close todays Nursing Australia podcast. The track is 'A Moonlight Stroll'. Something we can all hope to do at some point in our lives and in our future to be refreshed and revitalised by the cool of the sea & the light of a slivery moon. Enjoy folks and takr care out there!

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