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Love Joy Peace & Wellness are the vibes that we are sending to all of you! Aspire is dedicated to anyone & everyone who is in need of a sojourn from where they are now to a happier lighter place. Whether you are in lockdown, isolation, special care, rural/ remote country or in the doldrums we hope this album of original ukulele instrumentals will inspire you to look for the good and hold onto hope.


We would like to acknowledge those who contributed to the creation and finalization of this project through their encouragement and financial donations via our GoFundMe Campaign. Some of you remained anonymous but we know who you are, and your contribution has not gone unnoticed. Bless you all with cheery ukulele notes from  heart and through The Js to each and every one of you. A HUGE thank you to our ukulele peers; Highly Strung, Mareeba & Mackay Ukulele Group you gave us a special warm fuzzy!


Thank you to Nigel Pegrum, Pegasus Studios and Lawry Goodwin, Coconut Groove Studio for your support and professional production of this album.


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