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This is a song I wrote when I found out I was cancer free! We worked on the song and then recorded it. Our planned release date arrived at the start of COVID in 2020. So, it was ironic that our first song was called I'm Free when in reality the entire world was in lockdown. About this time, we also started an online ukulele jam. At first it was a project with a mixed group of ukulele leaders who took turns at leading songs to an online audience. From this group we recruited a few willing souls who helped us create our first video (of this song). The song is short of lyrics because I only used 20 words in the whole song that's why there is a bit of scat improv. Anyway, that's a little about the song. we hope you enjoy it.


Thanks to Lawry Goodwin who produced the song at Coconut Groove Studios and Aaron Maybus amazing creative who edited our video. I'm so proud of our first song & video congratulations to us. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

I’m Free

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