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The Js *Heart* Nurses

By Shirley-Ann Rowley.

Day 2 of celebrating nurses & nursing in primary health care. Hilarious nursing stories such as Nurses as Parents (massive fails) Roast the Cake (how to date a share cake on night duty) and of course the funniest thing you pulled out of someone !!! Phew, thank goodness the program ends on a positive with 'The Walking Song' from Aspire by the Js Enjoy your day folks and remember to be kind to nurses because one day you just might need their help!

'The Massive Fails' as comedian nurse Georgie Caroll puts it;

"You know like when you're a nurse you're out there saving lives all day and then you come home and nothings really a crisis? Have you ever been prone to miss the odd fracture?"

Yikes! Sorry kids, Mummy really does love you :(

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